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Updated Information

As most of you know the system was flooded along with the rest of the town, We are working hard to get the sites up and running to get water and sewer available to everyone again. We are still currently under a BOIL WATER NOTICE until further instruction. Also please try to conserve as much water as you can until the system is functioning properly. 

Office is still closed. 

The phones lines and internet are still down, we have just now been able to get access to the website to update our customers. We should be able to keep you updated from this point on so please let your neighbors know to sign up for the news and alerts on the website to stay up to date. 

Our employees, the fire department and other entities are working hard to get our area back to normal. Please be patient with them as they are working around the clock. 

For emergencies which at this time are ONLY water and sewer leaks you can go to the website and report your emergency. (instructions to come) 

We are truly saddened by the loss our community and the great state of Texas have endured but we will all work together to be a bigger and better community in the end. Love your neighbor and please be patient with all of the hard working people trying to bring back normal.