About Us

The Mauriceville Municipal Utility District was originally a Water Supply Corporation that provided water service to the Mauriceville area. 

In December of 1994, the Corporation was converted to a Special Utility District. The decision was made to convert to a District for the ability to issue tax exempt municipal bonds. In 1996, the Special Utility District issued debt, constructed a collection and sewer treatment facility, and began providing sewer service to the Mauriceville area.

The number of customers that connected to the system did not meet earlier projections. This placed a financial strain on the District. The Board of Directors dealt with this through several methods including rate increases, short term refinancing, as well as securing grants to increase the customer base.

These measures helped, but the debt structure was such a burden, the Board petitioned the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to convert to a Municipal Utility District. In July of 2007 the Mauriceville Municipal Utility District was created. This added other funding options, and enabled the District to obtain a more favorable Bond rating should another Bond issue be required.

At present the Mauriceville M.U.D. is providing water service to over 3200 households, and sewer service to over 2200 households. We have 5 groundwater production facilities, 4 main lift stations and a constructed wetland wastewater treatment plant.

Thank you for visiting our website. I look forward to your feedback on how we can improve our service to you.

Brad Haeggquist
General Manager
E-mail: generalmanager@mauricevillemud.com

For Emergencies please call (409)-745-4882.
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