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Mauriceville Municipal Utility District - Saturday - September 21st update

    We have been able to maintain our water system throughout this disaster.  All wells, pumps, storage tanks, and water lines are operating normally.  The water is safe to drink. We never lost chlorine residuals or pressure. We will notify you if anything changes.

    Our sewer system is operational.  Areas that are flooded are experiencing difficulties. If your grinder tank sewer system is under water, it will not operate normally. If your light or alarm is on for your grinder pump and you can safely turn off the power to the pump, please do so in order to prevent extensive repairs. Please notify us when the water recedes. 

     Once the flood waters have receded, the Utility District will begin the necessary repairs on the grinders. In some cases, your neighbor’s may have their systems underwater. In that case you may have to turn off your system, if it is not functioning, in order to prevent extensive repairs.

     We currently have four two-man crews, working daylight to dark, going to every part of our district, that is safe to get to, doing what they can to repair and protect your sewer grinder systems.  We are manning our office phones today, Saturday, until 5 pm to answer any questions that you have. Thank you!