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Friday September 27 Imelda update.

    We have been able to maintain our water system throughout this disaster. We have repaired several leaks because of the flood waters.  We never lost chlorine residuals or pressure. All wells, pumps, storage tanks, and water lines are operating normally. 

    Our sewer system struggled to handle the infiltration and system damages because of the flooding.  Tuesday it was fully operational with ongoing repairs which continue.  

     We have made emergency repairs to 333 Individual sewer locations. We anticipate that all Imelda related residential sewer repairs will be completed before dark today.   

     Wednesday, we began responding to after hour calls as they came in and continue to do so. Thursday normal daily operations resumed as we started responding to service calls, without delay, as we continued to work through the Imelda related calls.

     We very much appreciate everybody’s patience and assistance as we have worked through this disaster.  Please call 745-4882 if you have any remaining service needs. 

Thank you