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System Update 2/19/2021

     Mauriceville Municipal Utility remains under a boil water notice.  Our workers have been working 24 hours a day to bring our system back to normal operations.  With the exceptions of three small leaks, less than 20 thousand gallons, the loss of water has occurred on our customers side of our system  These leaks have exceeded two million gallons a day.  We very much appreciate everyone’s help identifying, isolating, and repairing those leaks.  As of yesterday afternoon, we have been able to return our pressure to normal levels throughout the system.  Our pressure is determined by the level of water in our elevated storage tanks, the tanks are now back to normal levels.  If you are still experiencing lower than normal pressure, please search your property for a leak and turn your water off until you fix the leak.  If you need assistance in turning your water off or on, please call the office 409-745-4882. 

     Our crews are busy today and tomorrow flushing our entire system.  We flush, test, and sample the water to insure that there is proper chlorine residuals so that the water is safe to drink and to remove sediment from the system.  Once the system has been thoroughly flushed, we will perform the required testing to ensure the water is safe for consumption.  We believe this will take two to four more days to complete.   We greatly appreciate all of the help that we have received from the community in turning off and fixing the unprecedented number of leaks we have experienced. 

     As a reminder, it is safe to take a bath, shower, wash clothes, wash dishes in a dishwasher that has a sanitize feature, and for any other purpose where it is not for consumption.  The boil water notice is only for anything that is consumed or is used for preparing something that is consumed such as making ice or in food preparation.  Please do not drink the water until we notify the community that the boil water notice has been lifted. 

Thank you