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Tropical Storm Imelda Assistance in Jefferson and Orange Counties

2021 CSBG DRSF (TS Imelda) Stabilization Guidelines

1. Stabilization services are available through SETRPC to qualifying residents of Jefferson and Orange Counties impacted by Tropical Storm Imelda.
2. Appointments are to be scheduled through SETRPC. Call the number once and leave a message. Case Manager (CM) will callback and provide further instructions.
Jefferson and Orange County: (409) 550-3562.
3. SETRC Stabilization will assist with the following services:
• Utilities: Water, Light, Gas-Disconnect notices (No deposits/late fees/re-connect charges)
• Rent: Eviction notices (No deposits, Application fees, Late fees, & Court & Filing fees)
4. Applications must be submitted with the following supporting documentation:
• Texas Driver’s License or Picture ID, Non-Expired
• Verification of household’s gross income for the 30-day period prior to date of application.
• If proof of income is unobtainable, the applicant must complete and sign Declaration of Income Statement (DIS). DIS must also be used for households declaring zero income.
• FEMA letter stating being directly impacted by TS Imelda.
Reflecting approval or denial of damages OR private homeowner insurance letter that reflects approval or denial of claim.
• Utility bill(s).
• Rental/Lease Agreement, Eviction Notice and Contact information for property owner.
5. Applicant process as follows:
A. Applicant must be at or below the 200th percentile of Federal Poverty Level
B. Client to call and leave message for callback.
C. CM to contact client and give further instructions for intake.
D. If Intake and supporting data received CM will proceed to make pledges (F).
E. If Intake and supporting documents are not received, a 5-day timeframe will be given to client for document submission. If not received by date: Denial letter will be mailed.
F. If other assistance outside rent/utilizes is requested a home visit will be scheduled by CM.
G. CM will contact utility company or property manager/owner to make pledges and notify of assistance and provide Vendor and Debarment forms to vendors. Documents to be returned to CM along with W-9.
H. CM to submit check requests to SETRPC.
I. CM to mail checks to vendors along with receipt letter for signature, receipt, and self-addressed stamped envelope. Once signed receipt is received it will be filed in client casefile.
Services may not be duplicated with CSBG DSRF funds. Applicants may receive assistance one time within a program year with CSBG DRSF funds. A cap for $2,500 per household has been set for PY21 and may not be exceeded without prior approval of the Program Operations Manager or Program Director. Priority qualifying circumstances may include but are not limited to the elderly population, homes with children under the age of five, severely ill, disabled and life support patients.


2021CSBG DRSF (TS Imelda) Stabilization Guidelines

1. Servicio de estabilizacion esta disponible atraves de SETRPC para residentes qualificados de el condato Jefferson i Orange que fueron afectados for la Tormenta Tropical Imelda.
2. Citas seran anotadas atraves de SETRPC. Favor de marcar a el numero una vez i dejar un mensaje de voz. Un administrador de casos le regresara la llamada i proveer instrucciones
Jefferson and Orange County: (409) 550-3562.
3. SETRC estabilizacion puede assistira con los servicios siguientes:
A. Utilidades:Agua, Luz, Gas (No depositos, no cargos atrasados, no tarifas de reconnexion)
B. Renta: Notificacion de desalojo (No depositos, no tarifas de solicitud, no cargos atrasados, no tarifas de solicitud, no cargos legales)
4. Solicitud:
deve de ser entregada con los sigientes documentos requeridos:
Licencia de conducer de Estado de Texas, Identification de Estado de Texas, Identificasion con foto que refle dirreccion actual. Toda valida, no caducada.
Verificasion de ingresos sobre los ultimos 30 dias a la fecha de solicitud. Para todos los miembros de familia sobre la edad de 18 anos.
Si ingresos no pueden ser comprobados, solicitance devera completar i firmar una Declaracion de Ingresos (DIS). Este documento Tambien sera utilizado para hogares que esten declarando zero ingresos.
La carta de FEMA, correspondensia indicando que el hogar fue impactado por la Tormenta Tropical Imelda. Corresponsensia deve indicar si la solicitud de el hogar fue aprovado o negado. O
Una carta de aseguransa de vivienda, indicanso que el hogar fue impactado por la Tormenta Tropical Imelda. Correspondensia deve indicar si la solicitude de hogar fue aprovado or negado.
Recibo(s) de servicios de utilidad.
Contrato de arrendamiento, i informasion de propietario
5. Proceso:
Solicitante deve de estar en o por debajo del 200th percentil de Nivel Federal de Pobreza.
Solicitante de llmar i dejar mensaje de voz. Se le devolvera la llamada.
Administrador de Casos le provera instrucciones de solicitud.
Aplicacion sera devuelta con documentasion requerida. Si documentos no recibidos en 5 dias
Despues de solicitud se enviara una carta de negacion de servicio.
Alguna asistensia require visita de hogar, Administrador de caso lo programara.
Administrador de casos contactar a vendedores de utilizes o renta i dara promesa de pago.
Administrador de casos solicitara pagos atraves de SETRPC.
Administrador de casos enviara pagos directamente a vendedores. Recibo permanecera en expediente de solicitante.
Servicio no sera deplicado con fondos de CSBG DRSF. Solicitantes reciviran assistensia solo una vez con estos fondos. Cantidad maxima de $2,500 por vivienda. Prioridad sera dada a viviendas de ancianos con recursos limitados, hogares con ninos bajo la edad de cinco, hogares de enfermos, hogares de desabilitados, i hogares con soporte vital.